Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using the blankie after the infant car seat

As a mother of a 3 and 1 year old we are in and out of the toddler car seats every day several times a day. We keep a couple of our blankies right in between the car seats in each car. When we're on the long car rides and the air conditioning is on in the car, I cover up my little girls legs with her blankie. Or if it's a quick trip, she just picks it up and uses it as a security item.
My 3 year old uses it as a comforting item as well and typically falls asleep on our rides with it snuggled next to his face. He loves the soft texture of the minky!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why My Carseat Blankie

I have come up with a blankie that I think is the perfect size for travel. My URL is

Here's how I came up with the idea! After having my second spring time baby, I decided that those full one piece zip up pieces for my car seat were just to warm for my baby. In New England in March and April you never know if it's going to be 30 or 60 out!
So I wanted something that was light weight, conveniently sized so there's no extra bulk in front of the babys face like a traditional size blanket), and small enough so if my children decided to make it their "blanky" it wouldn't be to big for them to carry around all the time, and the pattern would be something they'd love for ever.

It is the perfect size to fit with most bucket style car seats, and then transfers well to the toddler car seat as a lap blanket. People are even using it in the stroller and bouncy chair. It really does seem to be the perfect size! Some of the bigger kids are even using them for their baby dolls!

While doing a bit of research I recently came across an article on that supports the use of a smaller blanket for the car seat vs. the big puffy buntings and zip up one piece units that fit around the car seat. Check it out at

It has some really great information for new parents about car seat safety and things to think about when you're picking out how to keep your baby warm and safe in their car seat.

Thanks for reading my first blog about my blankies! I will try to post on a regular basis different articles I find that can help you learn about car seat safety, and anything else useful I can find out there for parents of new little ones.

And first time parents, don't forget to log on to to find a place near you to have your car seat checked, or even professionally installed.

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