Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keeping Kids Safe During a Crash

Keeping Kids Safe During Crashes This is an awesome site with instructional car seat videos for children of every stage. It should answer most of your basic questions.

Choosing and installing a child's car seat or booster seat can be confusing. These videos and other information on this site will help you choose the right child restraint system and install it correctly. It's also available in Spanish! Keeping Kids Safe During Crashes

I know I've shared this information before. But if you want to be sure your using the proper car seat for your child, and it's installed correctly, it only takes a 10 minute appointment. Find a professional FREE car seat inspection station in your area on The police station near us installed both my children's car seats, and showed me what I should look for when my son outgrows his current car seat. It's the best FREE service you can do to insure your childs safety while traveling.

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