Friday, September 18, 2009

See what the Safety Squad has to say about My Carseat Blankie.

This was taken right from their blog...

New Car Seat Blanket for Cold Weather

P1030785 We do most of our car seat business in Chicago. It shouldn't be a surprise to learn that most of the year it's very cold. There are very few infant car seats that include robust cold weather accessories (one notable exception is the Teutonia T Tario ). In response, endless aftermarket manufacturers have created solutions for keeping baby warm in the car seat.

The problem with nearly all these products is that they solve one problem, then cause another. We don't like to see products that add padding behind the head, neck or back, restrict airflow or integrate with the harness. At the very least, they are not tested by your car seat manufacturer. Nearly all carseats forbid use of these products.

The recommended solution has always been to use a blanket over the child in the carrier, so not to affect breathing. We came across a new product that takes that simple advice and made it better. My Carseat Blankie is a small blanket that adds value, without taking away any safety. It also reduces the likelihood of the blanket getting caught in stroller wheels like regular size blankets might.

There is nothing revolutionary about this product, except that it solves the problem in a non-revolutionary way. Simple, safe and with some style too.

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Read more about car seat safety, and some of their favorite new infant car seats on their web site

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