Friday, November 12, 2010

Car Seat for your pet

Let's keep our pets safe while traveling.

Ok, I know it's a little odd to think car seat for my pet... but I think it's time to bring the subject up. You have a pet, typically you like to bring that pet in the car with you, just like you bring your child. I noticed it in Massachusetts, and am noticing it more here in Vermont as well. Pet owners love their pets like their children and so why not bring them everywhere. Understandable, and completely fine, but please buckle them in properly like I do with my child. Safety for all while driving should be the number one priority.

Unfortunately I see more pet owners driving with their dog in the front seat, and not just in the front seat, but a lot of them with their pets in their laps! How on earth does anyone think that can be a safe way to drive? If I drove with my child in my lap I'd be pulled over in an instant. I don't care if it's just around the block, or on a back road, it's not safe for you, not safe for your dog, and not safe for the other drivers or pedestrians around you.

Fortunately there are car seats to keep your pet safe while transporting. I've found a few websites below that might be helpful in finding the right traveling system for your size dog. It's just like a child, different sizes require different types of restraints.

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