Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fly Safely with your child

Between achy ears, close quarters and favorite trinkets left behind, it takes a brave parent to dare to bring a child on a plane. And then there’s the car seat debacle. The first time we flew with our baby, we paid for an extra ticket so we could have him securely fastened in his car seat. Once we managed to maneuver ourself, the baby, the car seat and the diaper bag onto the aircraft, we were horrified that the car seat barely fit. And after a flight attendant gamely helped us wedge it in (with a little sweating and cursing on all our parts), it certainly wasn’t at the ideal angle.

Now there’s a better option. For kids over one year who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds, the car seat struggle is over. The CARES child aviation restraint system is an FAA-approved safety harness that fits on any airline seat. It weighs only one pound, and it’s all you’ll need to bring on board (well, aside from the diaper bag, toys, snacks, etc).

Louise Stoll, Kids Fly Safe  
CARES was invented by Louise Stoll, a grandmother who was horrified to see her pregnant daughter waddle off the airplane lugging both a heavy car seat and a toddler. Now this godsend gadget is a must-have for families that fly. It just slips around the back of the seat, and snaps over your child in seconds. No sweating, no cursing. Phew.

CARES is the solution to safe and easy air travel! 

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