Friday, January 2, 2009

Travel tips

Things you might not think about when traveling...

Traveling by air:
• The safest place for your child is in a seat, not in your lap.
• Not all car seats are certified for use on an air plane. Look for the label on the seat that says it's certified for airline use.
• The safest location for your safety seat is next to the window.
• Remember to pack healthy food and snacks. You never know what will be available on the plane...

Traveling by car:
• Give them soft toys in the car because hard toys can be a danger and harm the child in a crash.
• Items like a sunshade can dislodge during an impact crash and harm them as well.

One great item I have to share with you if you are traveling with a car seat. We used this with my son and it was great! We have loaned it out to friends and they all say the same thing... Awesome! It's called The Pack Back™ and we found it at One Step Ahead. It turns your car seat into a back pack, so you can take it with you easily on the plane, but still have all hands free to chase your toddler.

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